Backyard School

In 2006, when the school was first purchased, it was always a goal to create an outdoor school where children are exclusively outside. Countries like Sweden and Norway operate their preschools outside with great success. They have a saying that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. More and more studies are proving the benefits of outdoor learning, and at The Nurture Tree we take full advantage of our large outdoor space.

Why do children in early learning and care need free access to the outside? Well, there is more space to move, fresh air, vitamin D, peace and mindfulness; all the things children need to develop and grow. Outdoor play gives children new skills; raise their self-esteem, develops their divergent thinking skills and collaborative skills. These skills are an excellent basis for classroom learning. There is a sense of freedom that children (and adults) feel outside because they feel like they are in charge of what they do outside. There are things that children will discover outside that cannot be discovered inside, sparking awe and wonder.

Our backyard space has areas for comfort, creative arts, gross motor skills, imagination, adventure, science and nature studies, environment stewardship, gardening, the list of learning and discovery is endless.

To learn more about placement in our programs, please send us a message or contact us.